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Solar Buddies - Replacement Heads (2 Pack)

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The Solar Buddies Sun Cream Applicator will make putting on sun cream a fun task before outdoor adventures.

Your toddler will think this is the best invention since solid food!

It is simple for children to apply on their own, making it ideal for holiday's, day trips, nursery or school. And because it's compact and lightweight, kids can easily carry it around in their a little day packs and school bags.

Included: This is a pack of 2 replacement heads which will fit on your existing Solar Buddy.

Important information:

If you are purchasing your sponge for your Solar Buddie don't forget to keep the cap on your original as the heads come with not caps.

The lifespan of the heads depends on how it is used and cared for. We recommend the Solar Buddies are cleaned after the vessel becomes empty.

The heads need to be washed on a more regular basis to stop the head becoming clogged with sunscreen. Do not leave the Solar Buddie in direct sunlight or temperatures that exceed 30C. If in extreme heat keep your Solar Buddies in a shaded place.

Do not use sunscreens high in alcohol as this can affect the adhesive. If all directions are followed the Solar Buddies can last in excess of 6-8 weeks. We have always managed to get 3-4 months out of each sponge caring for the Solar Buddie as directed.


Solar Buddies Baby Care Solar Buddies - Replacement Heads (2 Pack)
Solar Buddies - Replacement Heads (2 Pack) Sale price$19.95