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Oh Flossy Rapid Water Beads

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Fast expanding Rainbow Rapid Water Beads are amazing as a science experiment or for hours of creativity and sensory play.  Oh Flossy Rapid Water Beads are certified non-toxic and biodegradable and expand when in water.  Children (and adults) love the feel of these balls with their slippery and bouncy nature.


Simply add 8 cups of warm tap water (40 - 60 degrees celsius) and watch your Oh Flossy Rapid Water Beads expand to full size within 90 minutes. One 20g container makes one large bowl of expanded Water Beads.

When you're finished playing, simply place them on an even layer on a baking tray and watch them shrink back over a few days. Alternatively, use them in your garden to aid its hydration.

PLEASE NOTE: Not for human or animal consumption. Keep children away from warm or hot water.

Ages 3+ Always use adult supervision. May contain small parts. Choking hazard.

Oh Flossy Girls Accessory Oh Flossy Rapid Water Beads
Oh Flossy Rapid Water Beads Sale price$12.99