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Nestling Stainless Steel Jumbo Bento Box

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Sale price$99.95

The Nestling Stainless Steel Jumbo Bento Box is deep and generous so you can store more of your favourite foods!

Jumbo Bento has 5 varied sized compartments so you can add variety to your lunches everyday! The generously sized compartments allow for more fillings in your sandwiches and will hold whole small fruit like apples, apricots, tomatoes or whatever takes your fancy. The unique size and shapes of the compartments make this a versatile food storage device, you can use it to pack lunches for big eating children or adults or use it to pack snacks for the entire family!

The Jumbo Bento Box has an innovate silicone seal so that you're able to store thicker wet foods such as dips or yoghurt's without the need for additional containers. Please note, the seals are great but not watertight so don't use for very juicy fruits, oily food or runny liquids! 

The silicone seal is easily removed making this super easy to keep clean, simply remove the silicone seal and wash separately by hand with water and detergent or in the dishwasher then leave it to air dry. 

The Jumbo Bento Box is made to last with hard wearing 18/8 stainless steel & food grade silicone! 
  • Lunchbox dimensions 260mm (W) x 220mm (L) x 60mm (H)
    Nestling Accessory Feeding Nestling Stainless Steel Jumbo Bento Box
    Nestling Stainless Steel Jumbo Bento Box Sale price$99.95