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Difrax S-Bottle Natural 170ml

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Sale price$16.03 Regular price$22.90

For years, the Difrax S-baby bottle Natural 170 ml has been the most popular baby bottle amongst babies, mums and dads due to the unique anti-colic valve and the S-shaped bottle. These two special features put together ensure a constant and regular flow of nutrition. The S-baby bottle anti-colic can be used from birth and is a well-proven combination with breastfeeding.

The distinctive S-baby bottle can be used immediately after birth for both full-term and premature babies. With its unscrewable base the baby bottle is easy to clean and to fill with cubes of frozen breast milk. Breast milk can be expressed directly into the S-baby bottle Natural by using the mummy-friendly Difrax breast pump.

Features & Benefits:

  • Anti-colic: 100% milk, 0% air.
  • Vacuum-free feeding.
  • Preservation of nutrients and vitamins.
  • Soft-coated bottle teat for extra grip.
  • Suitable for any feeding position.
  • Most hygienic baby bottle, without unhygienic straw.
  • Ergonomic S-shape.
Difrax Accessory Feeding Popcorn Difrax S-Bottle Natural 170ml
Difrax S-Bottle Natural 170ml Sale price$16.03 Regular price$22.90