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City Turn Convertible Car Seat - Onyx Black

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Say hello to the future of baby & child car seats – meet the Baby Jogger® City Turn™.

The Baby Jogger® City Turn™ Convertible Car Seat features a secure rotating mechanism that allows you to turn the seat 180 degrees with one hand while in rear-facing mode.

This unique, patented rotation brings your child 25cm (10 inches) closer to you and helps you maintain a more upright posture when lifting your child in and out, and gives you greater access and visibility when buckling them into the car seat.

The car seat converts from rear-facing harness (1.8–22.7kg) to forward-facing harness (10–29.5kg) to grow with your child. The extendable height also allows for a child up to 124cm tall, which is more than the average height of a 7-year-old.


  • Secure rotating mechanism allows you to turn the seat 180 degrees with one hand (while in rear-facing mode)
  • RAPIDLOCK™ base belt-tensioning technology and integrated push-button LATCH for simple, secure installation in seconds
  • Rotation gives clear, direct access to the installation belt path, for our easiest install yet; coloured belt paths and dual bubble level indicators help ensure a proper and level install in your car
  • Car seat audibly clicks when locked in rear-facing mode for assurance that it's safely secured before driving
  • Steel-reinforced frame provides strength and durability; EPP energy-absorbing foam allows for effective impact energy management
  • Engineered and tested with TRUE Test Plus™ safety standards (Tested to Reality Under Extremes) to help protect your child in rollover, side, front, and rear collisions; USA certification FMVSS213 and approved for NZ usage
  • 5-point safety harness system
  • Comfort is ensured with premium padding, a 10-position headrest, a removable infant insert for newborns, buckle covers, and soft, lightweight fabrics featuring COOLMAX® moisture-wicking material 
  • Five base angle positions ensure a level install and the no-rethread harness makes adjusting your seat quick and simple
  • Dishwasher-safe cup holder to make cleanup easy
  • 10-year car seat expiry

Note: This car seat cannot connect onto a stroller.

Baby Jogger car seats are warranted against defective materials or workmanship for one year from the original date of purchase. If you register your car seat online, this will extend to two years. Proof of purchase is required. See more details on the Baby Jogger warranty page.

Note: This product is available online only, not in store.

Weight of car seat with base 12.7 kg
Child weight range in rear-facing harness  1.822.7 kg
Child weight range in forward-facing harness 1029.5 kg
Maximum child height in forward-facing position Up to 124 cm
Age range Newborn up to 7 years approx.
Certification USA certification FMVSS213 and approved for NZ
Dimensions Width: 50cm (without cup: 48cm)
Height: 60cm
Extended Height: 84cm
Care Instructions
  • The City Turn Car Seat has a lifetime of 10 years, provided it has remained impact-free and fit for purpose without damage.
  • Never use car seat without the seat pad attached.
  • Seat pad care: Refer to the care tag on your seat pad for washing instructions.
  • Shell care: Spot clean using warm water and mild soap. Do not use any other cleaning agents or bleach.
  • Harness care: Surface wash with a damp cloth using warm water and mild soap; air dry. Do not machine wash harness or immerse in water, as doing so may weaken the straps. 
    If harness straps or lower anchor attachment belt become frayed or heavily soiled, do not use until resolved. Contact our customer service team for support with this. 
  • Buckle care:
    - Removing buckle: Remove buckle to clean. Do this by rotating the car seat and locating the metal retainer on the underside of the seat shell. Rotate the metal retainer up through the shell and pad. From the front, pull out the buckle.
    - Cleaning: To clean, place the buckle in a cup of warm water and gently agitate the buckle. Press the red button several times while in the water. Do not submerge the buckle strap. Do not use soaps, household detergents or lubricants. Shake out excess water and allow to air dry. Repeat steps as needed until it fastens with a click.
    - Reattaching buckle: Re-insert the buckle into the same slot it was removed. Pull up on crotch buckle to make sure it is secured.
    - WARNING! Inspect and clean buckle from time to time to remove any objects or debris that could prevent latching.
  • Cup holder care: Cup holder is dishwasher safe.
  • Storage:
    - Always store the car seat in a dry and safe environment.
    - Do not store outside or near a direct heat source such as a radiator or fire.
Baby Jogger Baby Accessory City Turn Convertible Car Seat - Onyx Black
City Turn Convertible Car Seat - Onyx Black Sale price$999.00