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Babyhood - Organic Breathe Eze Sleep Positioner

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The babyhood Sleep Positioner is designed to support your baby and to help prevent your baby from rolling over onto their tummies and sides.

The Sleep Positioner is made from a soft, plush micro towelling fabric which is stain resistant and colour fast and the inner is made from breathe eze™ fibre so it is breathable. There is no foam inside our Sleep Positioners, so it is machine washable.

The Sleep Positioner is adjustable and can be made bigger or smaller to get the right fit for your infant as they grow. The Sleep Positioner is not intended to restrict your baby’s movement, as that is not recommended by medical experts. Your infant will still be able to move but it is intended to prevent your infant from rolling onto their tummy or side, at a stage in their early development where they are not able to roll back onto their back, safely.

We recommend our Sleep Positioner for use with newborn babies. To safely use the Sleep Positioner, swaddle your infant or wrap them safely in a sleeping bag and lay them flat on their back, tuck a sheet or muslin over them ensuring they are positioned at the end of their cot or bassinet. Do not elevate them or place them on any incline whilst using a Sleep Positioner (or really ever!). Please ensure you follow safe sleeping guidelines including ensuring there are no excessive or loose bedding in your baby’s sleep space (so tucking the sheet or blanket is important) to ensure the Sleep Positioner does not move or come loose. Once your baby grows and is moving significantly, we do not recommend you continue to use the Sleep Positioner. This varies for each infant and can start from as early as 3 months old.

So now you can get a better night’s sleep without waking yourself or your baby constantly to check if your infant is rolling over.

Cosy Crib Sold Separately.


  • 2 pce to adjust for your growing baby
  • Breathe Eze™ micro towel fabric
  • Breathe Eze™ fibre filling
  • Colour fast & stain resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Adjustable between 12cm and 20cm using the velcro adjustable body section
    Babyhood - Organic Breathe Eze Sleep Positioner - Parnell Baby Boutique
    Babyhood - Organic Breathe Eze Sleep Positioner Sale price$33.92 Regular price$39.90