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Hape Toys Adjustable TelescopeHape Toys Adjustable Telescope
Adjustable Telescope Sale price$39.99
Hape Toys Colour Changing OvenHape Toys Colour Changing Oven
Colour Changing Oven Sale price$99.99
Hape Toys Compass SetHape Toys Compass Set
Compass Set Sale price$15.99
Hape Toys Cook & Serve SetHape Toys Cook & Serve Set
Cook & Serve Set Sale price$59.99
Hape Toys Cooking EssentialsHape Toys Cooking Essentials
Cooking Essentials Sale price$45.00
Hape Toys Double Flavored Birthday CakeHape Toys Double Flavored Birthday Cake
Hape Toys Eco Camping SetHape Toys Eco Camping Set
Eco Camping Set Sale price$49.99
Hape Toys Elephant FamilyHape Toys Elephant Family
Elephant Family Sale price$54.99
Hape Toys Explorers Bug JarHape Toys Explorers Bug Jar
Explorers Bug Jar Sale price$14.99
Hape Toys Eye Spies
Eye Spies Sale price$6.99

4 colours available

Hape Toys Fast Flip RacetrackHape Toys Fast Flip Racetrack
Fast Flip Racetrack Sale price$45.99
Hape Toys Hape 200 Piece Ocean Life Glow in the Dark PuzzleHape Toys Hape 200 Piece Ocean Life Glow in the Dark Puzzle
Hape Toys Hape 5-in-1 Beach Set
Hape 5-in-1 Beach Set Sale price$27.50
Sold outHape Toys Hape Alphabet Puzzle
Hape Alphabet Puzzle Sale price$44.99
Hape Toys Hape Beaded RaindropsHape Toys Hape Beaded Raindrops
Hape Beaded Raindrops Sale price$18.95

3 colours available

Hape Toys Hape Beaded Raindrops - BlueHape Toys Hape Beaded Raindrops - Blue
Sold outHape Toys Hape Beep 'n' Buy Cash Register
Hape Toys Hape Bulldozer Shovel
Hape Bulldozer Shovel Sale price$6.99
Hape Toys Hape Caterpillar Fruit Feast Set
Hape Toys Hape Classic Figure 8 Set
Hape Toys Hape Colour & Shape SorterHape Toys Hape Colour & Shape Sorter
Hape Toys Hape Countryside Train Bucket SetHape Toys Hape Countryside Train Bucket Set
Sold outHape Toys Hape CupcakesHape Toys Hape Cupcakes
Hape Cupcakes Sale price$30.00
Hape Toys Hape Diesel Freight TrainHape Toys Hape Diesel Freight Train
Hape Toys Hape Digger Bucket
Hape Digger Bucket Sale price$12.99
Sold outHape Toys Hape Dinosaur Train Bucket Set
Hape Toys Hape Dumper TruckHape Toys Hape Dumper Truck
Hape Dumper Truck Sale price$54.99
Hape Toys Hape Elephant Push & Pull
Hape Toys Emergency Services HQHape Toys Emergency Services HQ
Hape Toys Hape Fire Truck with SirenHape Toys Hape Fire Truck with Siren
Hape Toys Hape Giraffe Push & Pull
Hape Toys Hape Interactive Stove Set
Hape Toys Hape Intercity TrainHape Toys Hape Intercity Train
Hape Intercity Train Sale price$29.99
Hape Toys Hape Little Room Build Up Peg BoardHape Toys Hape Little Room Build Up Peg Board
Hape Toys Hape Marble Domino Rally Block SetHape Toys Hape Marble Domino Rally Block Set
Hape Toys Hape Marble RacersHape Toys Hape Marble Racers
Hape Marble Racers Sale price$13.99
Hape Toys Hape Montessori Mirror Shape PuzzleHape Toys Hape Montessori Mirror Shape Puzzle
Hape Toys Hape Nature Detective Set
Hape Toys Hape Ocean Rescue Puzzle
Hape Toys Hape Owl Musical Wobbler
Hape Toys Hape Pop Up ShopHape Toys Hape Pop Up Shop
Hape Pop Up Shop Sale price$279.00
Hape Toys Hape Rain Shovel - Red
Hape Toys Hape Space Friends Puzzle
Hape Toys Hape Stay-Put Rattles
Hape Stay-Put Rattles Sale price$25.99
Hape Toys Hape Steam-Era Freight TrainHape Toys Hape Steam-Era Freight Train
Hape Toys Hape Sushi TimeHape Toys Hape Sushi Time
Hape Sushi Time Sale price$69.99
Sold outHape Toys Hape Tape & Roll CarHape Toys Hape Tape & Roll Car
Hape Tape & Roll Car Sale price$7.99
Hape Toys Hape Wild Riders VehiclesHape Toys Red Race Car Hape Wild Riders Vehicles