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Multi-purpose Capsule Cover

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$35.99 $44.99
Colour: Riley

Stylish and Practical, these can be used in 3 different ways...
1.  Capsule Carseat Cover - 4 way stretch allows for a custom fit on most infant capsule carseats.  The modern way to protect your baby from the elements.
2. Breastfeeding cover - offers true 360 degree coverage for extra comfort while breastfeeding.
3. Shopping Trolley Cover - Keep busy little hands clean from germs

Safety Information 

Please remove your FLOSS Baby cover off the capsule before placing it into a vehicle.  Never leave your infant covered while unattended.  Keep the cover away from a heat source.   It is important to monitor your baby to ensure they do not overheat in warmer climates or during hot summer months.

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