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Lights Out - Blackout Blind 2 pack

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 Transform a room into a sleep zone

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Ideal for the nursery and the kids’ room 
  • Encourage children to sleep longer in the morning, especially in the summer months when the sun rises early and sets late 
  • Help babies and children nap during the day
  • Versatile 2 pack

The blinds each measure 1m x 1.2m. However please note they have rounded corners so you may have a small gap in each corner where the blind is curved if you are using with a 1m x 1.2m window.  We recommend using 2 blinds to overlap and sit the blind over the frame rather than inside the window frame.

LightsOut Pop-Up Blackout Blinds are designed to reduce the amount of sunlight coming into your little one’s room at night. The pop-up blinds measure 1m x 1.2m and use a simple metal frame that folds down into a carry bag and pops-up in seconds.

The blinds are designed to block out as much sunlight as possible using a simple suction pad to attach the blind to the window. Once the suction pad is attached, the blind is drawn towards the window using a drawstring. These premium blinds do not require any form of glue or sticky pads that could potentially melt and damage your woodwork or decoration.

Once the blind is attached to the window, curtains or blinds can be used as normal without letting light through. When used with large windows, more blinds can be applied, overlapping each other for a complete seal. Fold away with comfort as these blinds are compact enough to fit into a suitcase while travelling, made from a non-crumpling material. Ideal for use through the summer months when the nights stay lighter. 

The LightsOut Pop-Up Blackout Blinds pack of 2 includes:

2 x Blackout blinds (100cm x 120cm each)
2 x Extension rods
1 x Travel case


Conveniently portable ideal for travelling
Quick and easy pop-up installation
Suction cup and drawstring hold the blind tight to the window
No messy sticky pads or glue that ruin your woodwork or decoration
Unique patented fixing method for hassle-free night’s sleep
Easy to wipe down and clean
Crane Baby Care Black Lights Out - Blackout Blind 2 pack
Lights Out - Blackout Blind 2 pack Sale price$69.95