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Edible Raw Straws - 25 pack


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Get your hands on some edible Raw Straws and have your drink and eat your straw!

You’ll be slurping through 8 strawsome funky colours (orange, purple, pink, grey, yellow, black, green and white).

Made of rice, tapioca starch, natural food colouring and salt, they’re 100% natural, 100% biodegradable and edible! Gluten free and vegan friendly! The colours come form using natural food colouring, orange is carrot, purple is magenta leaves, pink is beetroot, grey and black is from black sesame, yellow is turmeric, green is sweetleaf (katuk) and white is the natural colour of rice.

They have a two year shelf life and last in your drink for between 30-60 minutes, if not longer depending on how fast you slurp!

Unlike metal straws that are unhygienic, paper straws that go soggy, and plastic straws which harm the earth (which sucks!).

Our Raw Straws are environmentally friendly - together we can save the planet one slurp at a time!

As these are made from all natural ingredients the size, shape and colouring may differ slightly from straw to straw. Each straw is unique and special just like you! :)

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