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Milkbar Advanced Single Electric Breast Pump - Hospital Grade


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Choosing the right breast pump is important, and Milkbar's Single Electric Breast Pump is renowned for being the best, most effective pump on the market.

The Milkbar Advanced Flow Breast Pump is different because it offers a unique, natural feeding rhythm technology that mimics the behaviour of your baby when it feeds.

That means, it doesn’t just suck the nipple back and forth, but acts in the same way that a baby’s tongue does. This is completely different to any other product on the market.

The result:

  • More milk in a shorter time frame
  • Comfortable, pain-free pumping
  • No guesswork - the 30 minute countdown timer and LED display lets you know exactly where you are in your pumping session.

It also provides you with:

  • More comfortable expressing at work thanks to its portability, low noise, and ease of use
  • Confidence in leaving your baby knowing there’s a wonderful supply of breast milk available
  • Relief - no more pain, no more anxiety, no more guilt

The Single Electric Breast Pump from Milkbar is easy to use, gentle on your skin and has a battery that lasts for three hours before needing to be recharged.

Experience the natural breastfeeding of Milkbar's Advanced Flow Breast Pump, get more milk in less time...unplugged.

The soft 100% food grade silicone breast cushion is the most comfortable and advanced cushion on the market.  It's unique design allows the cushion to gently compress the breast and nipple while the pump simultaneously performs a suckling action.  


  • Breast Pump Electric Unit
  • One collection bottle, teat & storage lid
  • Air Flow suction kit that is one size fits most
  • Two spare silicone tubes
  • Bottle converter for use of our pump with most other brand bottles
  • Power A/C adapter/charging cable

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