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Blossom Certified Biodegradable Bio-GlitterĀ® 10G Jar


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šŸŒˆ Have you ever smelt the colour 5?

Well this is kind of like that! Blossom is the tangible version of 14 littlies screeching and laughing with glee, bouncing aroundĀ in tutu's with cupcake on their little fingers and faces and of course, on the couch, rug and posh Bev's Gucci trench coat that she bought on her last trip to Barcelona in 2019.


Well, Bev wasn't impressed, but Blossom really is a stunning mix of pink, purple and white.

What you receiveĀ | 1 xĀ 'Blossom'Ā Bioglitter 10g Glass Jar packaged in a gift ready cardboard box.

We love The Glitter TribeĀ BioglitterĀ® because they are:
šŸŽÆĀ  Certified Biodegradable
šŸ™ŒĀ  Home Compostable
šŸ’„Ā  Cosmetic Grade -Ā It is suitable for face,Ā hair,Ā body,Ā nails!Ā  It's FDA approved.
šŸŒŠĀ  Ocean Safe
So, you may be wondering what happens to yourĀ BioglitterĀ® when it's done all it can for you? Well, because it is made from plants and not plastic, no matter where is ends up, Mother Nature will break it down within 90 days.

It is Certified OK Biodegradable Water, which means guaranteed biodegradation in a natural environment.Ā 
OurĀ BioglitterĀ® can be used for:
šŸ‘ø Dress Ups
šŸ’‹ Cosmetic Applications
šŸŽØ Art and Crafts
āœØ Parties
šŸ”® Potion Making
šŸŒˆ Mix it with playdough
No need for harsh glues! You can use lip balm,Ā Paw Paw balm or Aloe Vera gelĀ  to pop glitter on skin using fingertips, or a brush.Ā 

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